An IntelliJ IDE Plugin for the Game Bitburner It made so people can develop Scripts in an IntelliJ IDE and Push it into this Dystopian Hacking Game where every Server is running Javascript.
A little Micronaut Based Application which searches periodical Youtube and Twitch for Live-Streams of a given Game. It was Build to look into the Native Compiled versions of an Java/Kotlin Application. It also uses the Chronicle Map Library because i love tinkering with com.sun.misc.Unsafe.
Small golang CLI tool for Windows to copy Pictures from the Steam Screenshot folder ( the one under <Steam>/userdata/>steamid</760/remote ) , convert the SteamAppID's to readable names and put them into your User Picture Folder under SteamPictures. It is to annoying to always fiddling around with Steam to copy multiple images around or to navigate to this Folder. It is then also Possible to automate it a bit so if the User Folder is on a Backup, so are then also the Steam made Screenshots
An, who have guessed, golang based URL-Shortening server based on fasthttp. It will respond with an small plaintext answer on / but has a REST API to add configurable shortening URL's. On my Example was that i bought the Domain (was a joke in one older company) so it will return a little joke on default access and the "shortened" URL's look like the ULR's in things Like "Youtube" with
Basically this Website. Nothing more, nothing less.