DevOps and IT-Security

Technology I like to work with

Java and Kotlin

I develop for many Years in Java. At the beginning mostly for JavaEE on Server's like the Wildfly or the TomEE. Sometimes, if in need for Desktop Application, i worked with Swing and its SwingApplicationToolkit and JavaFX. Even together. When Kotlin began it's upraise in the JVM Development Scene i started to develop many of my own Programms with that. Micronaut was then going to be my Framework i would use in my own Projects and work wise i was mostly with Spring on the way.

Home Infrastructure

At home i use multiple things to organize everything around. I have multiple Raspberry Pi's in work doing different things. Beside that i use an Old i7-3770k Desktop and a i7-4790 for a Proxmox Nodes. On this thing i have a ZFS Raid for Media and Backups and as storage for the Kubernetes Cluster which runs on them. My Raspi's are also not fully useless. One is used for a Grafana Node with its own InfluxDB to collect Data, like Traffic on my Fritz.Box or get Performance Data of the Proxmox. Also there is one Raspi for Octopi which i will use with my Ender 5 Pro 3D Printer. On the Kubernetes Cluster i run a Flux defined set of Software, like blocky, Unifi Controller with unpoller and of course a Prometheus Grafana Stack. Also Loki to gather all the logs together