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I am in the development of Owncloud, use myself multiple instances of Owncloud. I use them for different Task: my own cloud, a distributed Backup System or i just test what i can do with it.

Java EE

I’m a Java EE Developer. I use mostly J2EE 7 with a Wildfly Server and Hibernate ORM. I develop with Netbeans and sometimes with IntelliJ

Raspberry Pi

I use currently 4 Raspberry Pi’s which have different tasks at home. One is a Plex Media Server the other is a NFS and Samba Share with Owncloud. I try to use them often as i can so that i have one Raspberry Pi for every Task wich is needed.

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Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.
Albert Einstein

I am currently a Software Developer mainly with Java 8 and Java EE 7. I use the Wildfly Enterprise Server with Hibernate as ORM Layer and MySQL as Database. Sometimes i develop with PHP some Applications. As IDE i use Netbeans for Java and PHPStorm for PHP. Beside that i Host and administrate this Server and some Raspberry Pi's at home. I try to get some certificates for a securer Development and Administration because i am very interested in the world of the IT-Security. In my opinion it is safer to have a developer or administrator which know a bit about security to not develop a application which is not secure in the main structure or administrate a server which is a easy target for black hatted guys.

  • To know everything i need some more Years.

  • I am a beginner in this Language but i can create something

  • Got my first Certificates and I am now a Certified White Hat Hacker Level 1 (Advanced)

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Bastian Venz

Developer and Administrator
I am currently 27 years old. I got knowledge about the work as developer bevor round about 5 Years. Before i administrate Server and some other things even in my free time. I am open to learn new things in everything which brings me more to the result that i know more.

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